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Mary Alice

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TET (Tet Siloam Ralph Henry x Cherry Valentine) Semi-evergreen, 6.5” flower, 5-way branching, 30 buds on a 34” scape.
The morning I first saw this seedling flower, I knew I would be naming it for my little sister, Mary Alice. This flower is one of the most beautiful, full-formed, finished daylilies I have ever seen. It has an amazingly branched scape, forming a beautiful candelabra effect. The flowers are always held apart and the last flower is just as perfect as the first. My sister, Mary Alice, has always been the sunshine in my life. She is one of the most amazing, wonderful, Christian ladies you could ever meet. She has never missed a day checking on and caring for our mother, as well as being a wonderful, doting mother to Alison and loving wife to her husband, Donald Ray. I wish all of my friends would have the opportunity to get to know Mary Alice. I’m sure you all have family members you love and cherish as I do mine. My sisters are the most beautiful flowers in my life and I am very proud to have such wonderful daylilies to name in their honor. MARY ALICE has been the most sought after seedling by garden visitors since it first flowered, with its beautiful, clean, baby ribbon pink and a deep, contrasting raspberry-red eye zone and edge. It also has beautiful yellow stitching on the outer edge of the petals. The flower opens very flat, showing off its brilliant green throat. Fertile both ways.