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Pete Harry Daylilies
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Daylilies Of Distinction


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8-16 TET (Crazy Ivan X (Ready Set Go X Voodoo Magic) 6.5" EM, RE, SEV, 40" Scape, 5-way branching.

Intensely dark eye and edge daylilies are not as easy to create as one would assume.

This is due to the fact that as the eye and edge become darker and darker, often so too does the self-color, thereby losing the striking contrast. Dark Desire has a huge petal edge of mate black-lavender and large matching eye. The self-color is dusty-rose, providing a great contrast.

These large flowers are very flat and full with a silver picotee to finish. Towering 40" scapes have a great impact. Fertile both ways.

$ 125.00 DF