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Barbara Burkhart

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Barbara Burkhart

Tet   ( Bull Frog Kisses X Keep on Keeping on)  6 ½  EM, RE, SEV, 27” Scape, 4 way branching 28 Buds

While I know there are many other red eye and edged daylilies out there, this cultivar has no equal.

The 6 ½” flowers have an excellent round shape. The self color is a beautiful strawberry pink.  But it is the eye and edge of deep velvety blood red that sets this flower apart.  The edge can exceed 3/4” and is very ruffled. As a parent its kids are unlike any others. Unfortunately I have very few to release and when Barbara Burkhart heard her namesake was being released, she snapped up 10 of them.  I onlyl have 30 left so order early.