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Freaky's Friend

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Freaky's Friend

TET- 8-8 (Blue Eclipse x TET Blue Crystal) 6 ", EM, RE, SEV, 40" scape, 8 way branching, 50 buds

This beautiful flower is as different as night and day from its true sibling Freaky Good.

To start with the 6 " flowers are of clearest and brightest colors I have seen. The self-color is cream-white with only a small amount of lavender, but it is the very large eye of near-blue that is so outstanding. This same blue color is stitched with silver and is prominently displayed on the petal edges.

Fabulous 40" scapes with 8 way branching support 50 plus buds.

Most important is the easy pod fertility, which is rare for a daylily of this amazing color. When hybridizers saw all the seed pods, this became one of the most asked-about daylilies.

DF $ 150.00