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Kaleidoscope Queen

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Kaleidoscope Queen

DIP 9-78 (Seedling x Seedling)

7" EM, RE, SEV, 38" scape, 8 way branching, 42 buds

It is certainly no accident that this daylily is named Kaleidoscope Queen. I consider this to be the most important patterned diploid I have released to date.

Large flat and nicely shaped, this daylily is strongly patterned on both sepals and petals. The self-color is cream-white with just a touch of yellow, which accents the burgundy pattern.

It is the amazing scapes that separate Kaleidoscope Queen from others at 38" with 8 way branching and 45 buds, this scape is as good as my best Tet's scapes.

Sinfully fertile, visitors saw seed pods everywhere and it could be the primary parent in any diploid pattern program.

SF $200.00