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Melissa My Love

TET (Tavares Grand Finale X Seedling)
 7.5” flower, 4-way branching, 20 buds on a 30” scape.  EM, RE, SEV.
This is the one!!!! Melissa my Love is a favorite of both  Rossen and myself.  Melissa is not just a red eyed daylily as it is hard to capture its true color with the camera.  The eye is stunning blend of deep rose, maroon and burgundy.  This color is reflective on the petal edge and sepals.  The large green throat has bright streaks of color that I see showing up in many of my intros.  The super wide sepals not only have the same eye color but a rose edge around them as if they were petals.  Melissa has heavy substance and perfect presentation. Named for Rossen’s beautiful new niece!    Fertile both ways.