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Pete Harry Daylilies
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Daylilies Of Distinction


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TET 19-19 (Pete’s Sings the Blues X Edge of Tomorrow) X Ginormous)
EM, SEV, RE, 8” flower, 34” scape, 4 way branching, 24 buds.
With all things considered this may be the finest daylily to be introduced from us.  Massive 8” blooms are round, flat and overlapped with firm substance.  No floppy flowers here.  The richly colored blooms have a huge eye of plum purple and green throat.  The large petal edge is the same plum purple with some silver stitching.  Even the sepals   have a double edge of plum and cream.  The blooms are well displayed on strong 34” scape.   Beyond compare. Very Limited.