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Tet, (Tet. Ultimate Perfection X J.T. Davis), Semi evergreen. ERe. fr. emo.
Its amazing the influence of diploids, which have been converted into tetraploids have on their progeny. AMERICAN FREEDOM is one of the two Tet. Ultimate Perfection kids I am introducing this year. The beauty of AMERICAN FREEDOM captures the very best traits we are all looking for in daylilies. This flower has excellent substance, size, and clarity of color. The plant habit is excellent, with arching blue-green foliage producing 28" scapes with 6-way branching bearing 36 buds. AMERICAN FREEDOM's color consists of a beautiful blend of orange and peach tones with an iridescent green throat, and contrasting gold edge. AMERICAN FREEDOM consisstently produces 5½" flowers throughout its bloom cycle. This is an excellent parent.
Fertile both ways.