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TET (Crazy Ivan x Bluegrass Music)
Semi-evergreen, 6” flower, 5-way branching, 32 buds on a 40” scape.
BUBBLING UP is the tallest eye and edged full-formed flower I have seen in cultivation. When BUBBLING UP first flowered, I was taken by its extremely clean near-white color with its black edge and large black eye zone. After taking a closer look, this wonderful seedling had a distinctly patterned eye - with the inner half of the eye zone being a beautiful black-red color, several shades lighter than the outer half of the eye. The green throat dramatically sets off the dark eye zone. Before deciding on “BUBBLING UP” as the name for this incredible daylily, I wondered about using the name “Black and White,” because when walking up to it, BUBBLING UP truly looks like a black and white flower. Two Springs ago, BUBBLING UP won best seedling at our Sunbelt Chapter Show. Fertile both ways.